Government relations today
requires a full-contact team approach

At The Vectre Corporation, our advocates work in a collegial style and are responsive to clients on a 24/7 basis.

Every principal in our firm is familiar with our clients’ goals and status. During the General Assembly sessions, our advocates have access to the status of all the bills of importance to our clients through our proprietary online bill-tracking system. It is updated daily as changes occur. In addition to frequent updates during the week, the entire staff meets every weekend during the General Assembly session and reviews every client to prepare for the week ahead.

Unlike larger firms, at Vectre the advocate you hire is responsible for your project. That advocate can call for additional informed lobbying support within the firm as needed, but responsibility for the client’s interest is never handed off to another advocate.

Having five full-time advocates allows Vectre to monitor all key committee meetings and votes that take place at the General Assembly. This in-depth coverage sets us apart from smaller solo practitioners. It provides the breadth of advocacy available only from larger law firms and organizations. It means that when one of our advocates is in a meeting and hears a casual comment that could affect another client’s interests, that insight is recognized and passed along quickly to that client’s lead advocate.

It is a thorough approach to the Art of Contact.

Vectre Team: