Why Vectre?
It all comes down to Contact...

Contact means more than knowing the government officials who will be influential on specific issues. It means we have earned the trust of those government officials through our representation of clients’ interests since 1989. Every day we must reinforce that trust by presenting our clients’ positions concisely, fairly, accurately—and effectively.

Who we know is still a key to our success. What we have learned over the years is equally significant. That experience enables us to communicate our clients’ positions in an informed way with essential historical background and context.

Vectre advocates for its clients before federal, state and local governments at the policy and legislative levels and before regulatory agencies. The best recommendations for our firm come from clients who have been with us 20 or more years—some since the firm began.

The political party of influential government officials may change frequently. Our experience is that they all look to someone they can trust to guide them through complex issues. Vectre enjoys a good reputation in both parties as being both nonpartisan and professional.

That is the Art of Contact
between our clients and key officials in government.

Vectre Company History...